It Starts With One Child...

We were very lucky to be joined by Becky at our annual fundraising event, Stardust, where she spoke about her personal experience. She is truly an inspiration whose presence at Stardust really helped encapsulate our philosophy.  


Becky’s story provides an important reminder of the life-changing impact our work can have.

In 2003 One to One Children’s Fund began funding the first ARV treatment available in Cape Town. Like many children, Becky was diagnosed as HIV positive at a very young age and was not expected to live until her fifth birthday. In her words: “I never thought about the future as a child.” Both her biological parents had died of AIDS shortly after she was born. Becky was chosen to take part in the first anti-retroviral treatment trials which were very successful. The work of One to One Children’s Fund gave Becky a second chance to live. She is now 24 years old and thriving, working as a teaching assistant for autistic children in Ipswich.

“One to One is showing that an AIDS free generation is within our hands. We can do this together, empowering those best placed to make a lasting difference.”
— Becky

Together we can bring about an incredible change, and it starts with just one child…