Teenage years provide a unique set of challenges for young people living with disease or trauma.  Whether you are living with HIV or a refugee starting life in Britain, being a teenager can be particularly tough. Faced with issues of identity, increasing independence, and peer pressure, young people can struggle to cope.  

Adolescents working with One to One Children’s Fund access peer support, counselling, and access to youth-friendly services including healthcare.  


This means that young people living with HIV stay on their treatment and live positively – vital when AIDS is the leading cause of death among young people in Africa and the number of adolescents living with HIV has increased by 30% since 2005. It also means that young refugees can start to make sense of their experiences and build a life here in the UK.

Our projects improve adolescents’ health, lives, and future prospects.



Better together

This programme is one of the first of its kind worldwide to identify the advantages of bringing young people with different conditions together, especially when it comes to overcoming the sense of isolation and stigma.

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Children and adolescents exposed to violence and the upheaval of war and relocation have often witnessed horrors no young person should have to go through. This project helps young refugees in the UK make sense of their experiences.

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