Since 2001, One to One Children’s Fund has been pioneering grassroots models that have been replicated, scaled up and adopted by governments when they have proven successful.

We have invested almost £10million in ground-breaking projects in Africa, India, Kosovo, India and Palestine.  More than 120,000 people have benefitted from our work and more than 1.2million people have been reached through the scale up of our projects. 

Sustainability is at the heart of all of our projects. We build in mechanisms to our projects to allow them to be adopted by other organisations or governments to scale them up and reach even more people.  This not only ensures our work is needed and effective, but helps develop the capacity of local organisations so they can ‘put us out of business.’

Our graduated projects continue to bring benefits to thousands of young people.  




The project met the counselling needs of over 2,500 children in the aftermath of the war and supported the care of children living with disabilities

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This idea of training and employing people living with HIV as Community Health Workers, is now widespread.

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PATA Forums

These Forums enable teams of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and counsellors to learn from each other and have led to the development of new models of treating and raising awareness of HIV.

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Play Football for Life

The programme aimed to create an AIDS-free generation, using football to bring about positive behavioural changes. The project was eventually taken over in its entirety.

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post-TSUNAMI after school care

In the aftermath of the tsunami in India, we developed a long-term strategy for the repair of schools, the after-school care of children, the provision of clean water and the restoration of livelihoods.

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We developed our Bright Futures programme to provide a holistic schools-based educational approach to empowering girls, increasing their understanding of sexual and reproductive health, reducing pregnancy rates, and keeping them in school.

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israeli-Palestinian Communities

This unique collaborative effort with Israeli and Palestinian psychologists, psycho-social workers and public health experts addressed the mental health of children in both communities.

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Our innovative REACH project builds on our Community Health Worker model to focus specifically on adolescents, who are currently not benefiting from the huge progress made in the fight against HIV. 

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