Co-founded by One to One Children’s Fund, PATA involves a unique reflexive learning process and is based on a belief in the power of sharing knowledge. When we brainstorm together, we can find solutions to our most difficult problems.

“PATA time is time for creativity”
— Stephen Rollnick, Professor of Healthcare Communication at the University of Cardiff

Traditionally, the voices of some professionals in the healthcare team are muted and overpowered. If knowledge is not created and shared collectively, then we cannot provide high-quality, holistic care.


In 2005, we partnered with Kidzpositive to establish PATA – Paediatric AIDS Treatment for Africa. It has grown into a thriving network organisation of paediatric clinics acting as a knowledge-sharing forum for HIV treatment and care providers and their professional teams, in clinics across countries and regions, to effect positive changes in policies and practices. To measure progress, share experiences and come up with new solutions, clinic teams from PATA affiliated clinics meet in annual forums on a pan-African or Regional basis. The outcome of each conference is to elect tasks aimed at delivering the best possible quality of care to children living with HIV, their families and communities.


PATA is a testament to the One to One model: empowering those best-placed to deliver care and embedding models into local systems so that local organisations can adopt and take forward initiatives. Originally, One to One Children’s Fund helped fund and organise PATA and its annual forums; now, PATA no longer need our support and funding to run their best practice events.


  • PATA Summits and Forums bring far-reaching improvements to the lives of more than 230,000 children in their care.

  • Ground-breaking new models of treating and raising awareness of HIV have been developed, including employing people living with HIV as Community Health Workers, a practice which is now widespread.

  • In 2016 the PATA network extended to 336 clinics in 24 countries across Africa.

  • Since 2005, PATA has held 10 Continental Summits, 4 Regional Forums and 20 Local Forums.

  • The first Forum in 2005 included teams from 10 facilities in 3 countries. By the time of PATA’s Continental Summit in 2015, it included teams from 41 facilities across 18 countries.

“The government deals with many issues but what I have learnt here is that we (healthcare professionals) are the ones supposed to educate and support people in the community. I am proud to be here (PATA Forum) and I know there is something I can do to bring people together”
— Medson Zacharia, Nurse/Pharmacist at Centre Medical Espoir de Kayogoro, Burundi