Launching – One London Refugee Project

A creative and nurturing space for young refugees

The refugee crisis across Europe has left children and young people traumatised by conflict and displacement. Many have endured horrors that no one should have to go through – in their home country, on the journey here, and even once they arrive in the UK. Time and again, the lack of psychosocial support to refugees is identified as a key gap in refugee services.

Building on our work on trauma and with refugees in Greece and Kosovo, One to One Children’s Fund is using our expertise to form a unique partnership that will help young refugees on the journey to feeling confident and secure in their new home.

Refugees come together, tell their story, form new friendships and build their self-esteem and communication skills.

In September, we launched One London, a pilot project in partnership with Barnet Refugee Service and Wac Arts – a centre in North London dedicated to using the arts to encourage inclusion and diversity.

The core of the project is a 10 week drama-based programme, providing a creative outlet for young refugees to come together, tell their story, form new friendships and build their self-esteem and communications skills. In this safe and fun space, trained youth workers, counsellors and translators will be available to advise and sign-post young people to relevant services.

Individual counselling sessions will be provided to those young refugees who need targeted support to manage the challenges they are facing, help them make sense of their experience, and tackle the isolation many feel. We are excited to launch this innovative project, and hope it will lead to an improved model for providing psychosocial support for young refugees here in the UK.