Jenny Altschuler is a consultant clinical psychologist and family psychotherapist who has spent much of her professional life working in the public sector, most recently at the Tavistock Clinic, London.

Her work focused on families affected by life limiting illness, trauma and the training of health care professionals.

Jenny now works as an independent psychotherapist as well as supervisor and consultant to medical and mental health professionals working in a wide range of health care settings. She has also written extensively on ways of addressing the challenges that illness and trauma present.

Jenny has been instrumental in setting up our counselling centres in Kosovo, and the training and supervision of the counsellors who work in these centres is a matter of great importance to her.

Jenny also oversaw the clinical aspects of our Israeli-Palestinian trauma healing and Child Resilience projects. Her expertise is particularly relevant in advising on our HIV/AIDS initiatives, including our Expert Patient Programme and the work of PATA (Paediatric AIDS Treatment for Africa).