Dr Kathryn Chu is an American surgeon and has been working in Africa for 9 years. Dr Kathryn worked for the humanitarian aid organisation, MSF, for 4 years during which time she travelled extensively across Sub-Saharan Africa working in more than 15 countries providing surgical care in conflict and disaster settings. Her research interests are surgical delivery in resource limited settings and she spent 2 years working exclusively in Rwanda training surgeons for Harvard Medical School.

Dr Kathryn has also worked on non-surgical projects in the Southern African region, including providing health-care during the xenophobic attacks in 2008 at the internally displaced camps in Soetwater, and finding reasons for limitations in anti-retroviral therapy provision in Zimbabwe.

Across the projects, Dr Kathryn's work has always incorporated vulnerable children, in particular providing  medical and surgical care to children and their caregivers.

Currently, Dr Kathryn's church, Rondebosch United Church, is working with the mentor mother program that One to One Africa is partnered with. Dr Kathryn is now providing surgical care for children and adults at the New Somerset Hospital.

“As the mother of two small children, I am firm believer that the best way to succeed in life is to be given a safe home, adequate health care, and a chance at a good education.  I hope I can help One to One Africa Children’s Fund to achieve this goal for the future generations of South Africa.”