Re-Engaging Adolescents and Children with HIV

Without specialist support adolescents are not benefiting from the huge progress made in the fight against HIV. In fact the number of adolescents dying AIDS related deaths has tripled since 2000. Our innovative REACH project builds on our Community Health Worker model to focus specifically on adolescents.

The Context

HIV is the second biggest killer of adolescents worldwide. Globally AIDS-related deaths appeared to fall by 30% between 2005 and 2012, but at the same time deaths of young people (aged 10 to 19) are estimated to have risen by 50%.

Without specialised support adolescents living with HIV struggle to access medication and are at risk of developing AIDS. We use 18-25 year olds who have HIV themselves to Re-Engage Adolescents and Children with HIV.

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  • Support 6,000 young people living with HIV to adhere to HIV treatment regimes.
  • Improve the quality of care delivered to HIV positive young people.
  • Improve the employment prospects of youth Community Health Workers.


  • Employ 54 young people aged 18-25 as Peer Supporters
  • Help people come to terms with disclosure and stigma
  • Teach the importance of treatment adherence
  • Help people work through their fears about their own mortality and life with a chronic disease
  • Give medical professionals more time for complex cases by taking over administrative tasks and reducing teams’ workloads
  • Advocate for youth friendly service
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Progress to Date

  • Recruited, trained and now employ 54 HIV-positive young people (aged 18 to 24) as Peer Supporters
  • Improved services in clinics
  • 18 clinics describe Peer Supporters as 'vital' or ‘quite useful
  • See the Promising Practice Guidelines we have produced.  

Location: 18 health facilities in Malawi, Ethiopia, Uganda, Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo
Funder: This project is funded by a collection of trusts, foundations and individual givers
Partner: PATA
Dates: 2015 to present
Status of Project: Innovating a pilot

£50 allows a Peer Supporter to reach 100 teenagers!


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