Adventure Philanthropy Community Health Worker Project

Community Health Workers ensure families living with and affected by HIV have quality care and support. This continuum of care covers HIV testing, Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT), adherence to treatment, counselling and support.

The Context

With support from Adventure Philanthropy, we have intensified the ART Support Programme in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole municipality to address both the immediate challenge of inadequate resources, as well as establishing evidence for a sustainable approach to education and professional development opportunities. This will provide desperately needed skills and employment opportunities to ensure the longevity of the model and the Community Health Workers (CHW) employment after One to One Children’s Fund’s direct involvement.

Building on the foundation of this proven model of care, the new and intensified Adventure Philanthropy CHW Programme maximises the impact of each CHW, enabling them to expand their reach and the quality of services they can provide. This holistic approach to tackling the HIV epidemic in South Africa, proves innovative and collaborative approaches have the ability to make transformational impact.

Meet Punyezwa, who benefited from support from One to One Children's Fund during her pregnancy.

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(In addition to contributing to the targets under the ART Support Programme)

  • Improve professional skills, education and future employability of CHWs
  • Improve resources available to CHWs to increase effectiveness
  • Strengthen HIV services in 18 clinics to provide high quality care and support to babies, children and mothers in their community
  • Strengthen capacity of healthcare system for long-term sustainable impact
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(in addition to the activities of the ART support programme)

  • Employ and coordinate 36 CHWs to provide support to babies, children and mothers through clinic and home-based care, community outreach and counselling.
  • Distribute training manuals and support completion of accredited course modules; Integrated Mother/Child care- from antenatal care to paediatric care, Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission, Maternal Mental Health, Paediatric HIV care, and Adolescent friendly care.
  • Distribute equipment packs to each CHW; A Backpack, Hanging Baby Scale and Sling, Waterproof Jacket, and a First Aid Kit including soap, washcloth, antiseptic cream, bandages, surgical gloves, waterproof aprons.
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Progress to Date

  • All resource packs have been ordered and will be distributed in early 2016
  • Training manuals have been distributed to all CHWs
  • CHWs have begun tailored training modules that will continue throughout 2016. CHWs will spend two months studying each module, followed by an exam and post-test assessment. In total, completion of five modules will take 18 months.

Location: Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole, South Africa
Funder: Adventure Philanthropy
Partner: The Small Projects Foundation
Dates: September 2015 to present
Status of Project: Scaling Up (Replicating) and Graduating

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Between 30% and 45% of HIV positive women who are not accessing treatment will pass the virus on to their babies.


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Did you know that the largest number of HIV-exposed but uninfected children – 3.2 million – are in South Africa? Although they do not have HIV themselves, these children still face a complex package of detrimental exposures. #cognitivedevelopment #hivawareness

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3) Our ultimate goal is to graduate our programmes by embedding proven models into local systems and integrating them into government structures or local organisations. #graduate #sustainability #socialimpact