We have innovated, replicated and graduated projects around the world. These are some of our favourites:

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Some of our Graduated Projects:

Holistic after school care in India

Building resilience in the Middle East

Play football for life

PATA forums

Expert Patients

You can learn more about these and other graduated projects on the One to One Children's Fund history page.


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Between 30% and 45% of HIV positive women who are not accessing treatment will pass the virus on to their babies.


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The Atlantic Philanthropy Fellows visited the region where our Mentor Mothers work. This is what one woman thought about the #healthcare system in this region #SouthAfrica dailymaverick.co.za/opinionis…

We went out with a team of Mentor mothers to do a 6 month check-up with one of the new mum's. Our mentor mothers check up on children's weight, on their immunization and other health concerns new mothers have for their children and their selves. onetoonechildrensfund.org/an-… pic.twitter.com/pGtVomaiC3

Our mentor mothers journey over hills and down tracks to reach their clients. These journeys are difficult, but think of how much more difficult it would be for a pregnant mother? #healthcare #maternalhealth pic.twitter.com/Vzm5JI3zob