Providing social services for children with disabilities and other children suffering exclusion

Our model is centred on the child, their families and the community, and provides holistic care to children at day care centres.

The Context

Many of the 20,000 children with disabilities in Kosovo experience exclusion, stigma and isolation in their everyday lives.

Despite developments in the provision of social and family services since the end of the war, these are still woefully inadequate. Our day care centres fill urgent gaps in social services and have improved development opportunities and life skills for children with special needs. Psychosocial, education and recreational activities have enabled children to develop their skills, while gaining confidence and self-esteem.

Meet Bujar, who attends a daycare centre in Kosovo.

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  • Provide high quality support for children with disabilities, children facing social exclusions and children affected by domestic violence
  • Equip vulnerable children with the skills they need to navigate and integrate into mainstream society
  • Support parents to learn more about disabilities and empower them to fight for their children’s rights
  • Improve Kosovo’s acceptance of and services for children with disabilities


  • PEMA staff organize individual and group work to help the children maximise their potential
  • Parent-support groups have been set up
  • National activities such as open days, special events and national roundtables, increase awareness among the wider community on the needs of vulnerable children and helps to reduce stigma around disabilities 


  • Expanded the number of day care centres from two to four
  • 320 children attend day care centres each month
  • Over 650 children and adolescents received care in four day care centres over 2 ½ years
  • 350 parents benefited from support groups
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Location: Prizren, Ferizaj, Peja, Gjilan 
Funder: EU, Medicor, Brian Murtagh Charitable Trust  
Partner: PEMA
Dates: From 2014 to present
Status of Project: Graduating and transitioning

It costs 500 euros a year to provide a child with day care services in Kosovo.


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3) Our ultimate goal is to graduate our programmes by embedding proven models into local systems and integrating them into government structures or local organisations. #graduate #sustainability #socialimpact