When Punyezwa realised she was pregnant she was scared. She was worried what would happen to her baby, and how she would cope raising a child with HIV. She didn’t realise that with the correct medication women living with HIV can give birth to HIV-negative babies.

Punyezwa didn’t know what to do, but then she met One to One Children’s Fund. She got much needed emotional support and practical advice from one of our Community Health Workers to complement the antiretroviral therapy she received at a local clinic.

Her baby was born free of HIV.  

Sue McGregor told the first part of Punezwa’s story as part of the Radio Four appeal on our behalf.

Punyezwa became one of our Community Health Workers herself, telling other people living with HIV that ‘with a positive mind, treatment equals life.’

Here she is with Siphosethu, one of the children she helped.

We caught up with Punyezwa and Siphosethu again, a few months later.

After many years with One to One Children’s Fund Punyezwa used the training and skills she developed as a CHW to move on professionally, while Siphosethu is currently resitting her final year exams. 

Learn about the Expert Patient Programme, which employed Punyezwa, or about our work helping women like Punyezwa give birth to babies without HIV.

Between 30% and 45% of HIV positive women who are not accessing treatment will pass the virus on to their babies.


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Ready to head out with mentor mothers to visit mothers who need our help! Photos from our Director's trip in early January to our largest project in the Eastern Cape. #healthcare #mothers pic.twitter.com/1HbevHYAq9

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