Make it your legacy to rebuild children’s lives!

Having an up-to-date will is the most effective way to ensure your wishes are carried out. It’s also the only way you can protect the rights of your family.

One to One Children’s Fund makes an incredible difference to children’s lives every year. Whether it is reducing the number of children born with HIV by 96% or helping keep girls in school, our work revolutionises people’s lives. A gift in your will can make us even stronger in the years ahead.

The difference your legacy makes

£4,750 allows us to run our Bright Futures Programme in a school for 2 years, helping 150 children learn to protect themselves from disease, unwanted pregnancy and gender based violence, and helping keep girls in school.

£8,400 equips all our Community Health Workers in South Africa for 18 months
£19,600 trains 98 Community Health Workers.

A share of your estate (Residuary Legacy): Once you've worked out what you're leaving to others, you can donate a share, or all of what is left, to us.
A specific sum of money (Pecuniary Legacy): Just specify the amount you want to leave us in your will.
A specific item: You can leave us anything you think will be valuable to our work when sold

Patients tell us that they are very pleased with our support, we get good feedback. They say we are easier to talk to than nurses because we are not ‘outside’ people. We are from the community and so it is possible for them to build a relationship with us.

Thandenka, Community Health Worker,
Supporting EID and PMTCT, South Africa

The kind of gifts you can leave us

How to include us in your will
We strongly recommend you have your will drafted by a solicitor to ensure your wishes are properly carried out, but if you would rather write your will yourself you need to use our full name, registered address and registered charity number in order to leave us a gift:
One to One Children’s Fund
Hillsdown House, 32 Hampstead High Street,
London, NW3 1QD

Registered Charity No. 1086159

If you already have a will but have decided you would like to leave something to One to One Children’s Fund, all you have to do is make a codicil. Your solicitor will be able to help.

Between 30% and 45% of HIV positive women who are not accessing treatment will pass the virus on to their babies.


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At the end of 2017, it was recorded that we now had 52 community health workers operating from 13 clinics in Nyandeni, also in the Eastern Cape. #CHW #healthcare #sustainability #intdevelopment