Brilliant results from Enable: zero new HIV infections amongst babies


Our Enable project seeks to reduce illness and death in under-5s and their mothers by harnessing the resources and creativity of local women who act as ‘Mentor Mothers.’ We are now seeing exciting results starting to come through, including 0% transmission of HIV from mother to child in the project’s targeted households. There has also been excellent progress on other indicators including antenatal care, immunization and the rehabilitation of children underweight for their age.

Enable, funded through the UBS Optimus Foundation, is set in the O.R. Tambo district in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa – one of the poorest districts in one of the most impoverished provinces in the country. Through the project, community leaders in this rural area assist in identifying local women who meet the criteria to be ‘Mentor Mothers.’ Those chosen are then trained to offer targeted interventions on child and maternal health to members of their communities, seeking out the most vulnerable pregnant women, mothers, babies and children in order to provide them with appropriate care and support.

The most recent results from Enable include:

  • 0% transmission of HIV from mother to child so far
  • 47% of pregnant women attending all 4 antenatal care appointments (up from 27% at baseline)
  • 53% of children aged under 5 with a full immunization record (up from 34% at baseline)
  • 84% of children underweight for their age improving or rehabilitated (up from 16% at baseline).

We are immensely proud of what Enable is achieving in a very challenging context.

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