For over 15 years One to One Children’s Fund has been pioneering grassroots models that have been replicated, scaled up and adopted by governments when they have proven successful.

This has allowed us to directly and indirectly benefit hundreds and thousands of the world’s most vulnerable children.

A charity driven by deep human values making changes for defenseless young people and children in communities where it is very difficult for governments and other representative organisations to do so. 
– David Miliband

One to One Children’s Fund was founded in the aftermath of the war in Kosovo in 2000. 

We provided post-trauma counselling to some of the many children who desperately needed support to process the horror and brutality they had experienced. At the time, there was only one trained child psychotherapist in Kosovo. We immediately trained 14 more.

The project provided counselling to over 2,500 children affected by the war, and led to child psychotherapy becoming a recognised profession in Kosovo, benefiting thousands more children.

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We have taken our expertise working with children traumatised by violence to the Middle East, where we work with children from Palestinian and Israeli communities. Our schools-based intervention addressed children’s mental health.

Initially reaching 2,500 children, the programme was so successful the Municipality of Acre rolled it out across the entire city. Passing our projects over to governments and other agencies is integral to the One to One Children’s Fund model.

Some of our biggest successes have been in the fight against AIDS

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In South Africa in 2004, President Mbeki’s government was still denying AIDS was caused by HIV and was refusing to provide lifesaving treatment. It is estimated that 330,000 people died because of government inaction. Our response was to launch a pilot programme that put 250 children in the Western Cape on antiretroviral therapy. These children survived and began to thrive, helping change government policy.

South Africa now has the largest antiretroviral treatment roll-out programme in the world – hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved.

In 2006 we started to develop the Expert Patient Programme. Through it people living with HIV could help clinical staff with their duties and provide emotional support to the people they were treating, or follow up with people who had stopped taking drugs.

Using people living with HIV as community health workers was revolutionary at the time (in 2013 the project was listed as one of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Top 100 Innovations). Now their role is accepted world-wide.

We continue to develop and test new models to reach vulnerable children, and to harness the resources and creativity of local communities and build the capacity of those best placed to respond to the needs of children; teachers, counsellors, community health workers and local organisations.


Between 30% and 45% of HIV positive women who are not accessing treatment will pass the virus on to their babies.


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Did you know that the largest number of HIV-exposed but uninfected children – 3.2 million – are in South Africa? Although they do not have HIV themselves, these children still face a complex package of detrimental exposures. #cognitivedevelopment #hivawareness

Through our Better Together programme, 250 young people living with chronic illness will be reached. You kind donations can help us expand this number. #bettertogether #peersupport

3) Our ultimate goal is to graduate our programmes by embedding proven models into local systems and integrating them into government structures or local organisations. #graduate #sustainability #socialimpact